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Folk Art in Canada

Alain's delightful Tramp art is influenced by the early ethnicy of settlers to the Canadian Prairies (Ukrainians, Doukhobors, Hutterites) who made their own primitive furniture and used bright colors and often added that extra decoration such as a pinwheel, bird, tulip, or heart.

ASPIN, TYLER - Fine Art Meets Folk Art
Fine Art Meets Folk Art with a Giant Folklore Sculpture called The Canada Tree.

Baker, William
Folk artist from Oyster Pond, Jeddore, Nova Scotia.

Boudreau, Donald
Folk artist from Weymouth, Nova Scotia.

Campbell, Garfield
Folk artist from New Cornwall, Nova Scotia.

Colpitts, Barry
Folk artist from Jeddore, Nova Scotia.

Cosman, Phyllis
Folk artist from Avonport, Nova Scotia.

Gallant, Murray
Folk artist from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Higgins, Scott
Folk artist from Harrietsfield, Halifax County, Nova Scotia.

Hirtle, Cyril
Folk artist from Rose Bay, Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia.

Howard, Sidney
Folk artist from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Jarea Art Studio
One-of-a-kind handpainted floorcloths for the home. Checkerboards too.

Killen, Elmer
Folk artist from Cooks Brook, Nova Scotia.

LAUDER, BOB & DEE - Fogo Folks
Meet Bob and Dee Lauder, a couple who moved to an island where they built a house and created a few "people" to share their space with.

LeBlanc, Léo
View the delightful work of the late Acadian folk artist Léo LeBlanc.

Lewis, Everett
Folk artist from Marshalltown, Digby County, Nova Scotia.

LEWIS, MAUD - Maud Lewis
Maud painted every surface of her house - inside and out, even the windows... This is her story.

Lewis, Maud
Folk artist from Marshalltown, Digby County, Nova Scotia.

Mandaggio, Eddie
Folk artist from Camperdown, Nova Scotia.

McFadden, Beatrice
Atlantic Canada folk artist Beatrice McFadden paints fabulous images of the life she knows.

MCFADDEN, PAUL - The Fisherman from Shediac
Paul McFadden, the fisherman who carves, paints and creates scenes from his childhood.

McFadden, Paul
Visit New Brunswick folk artist Paul McFadden at his "Old Red Truck" website. Several wonderful works of art can be seen here.

Myatte, Walter
Folk artist from Chezzetcook, Halifax County, Nova Scotia.

MYSTERY artist
Meet a mystery artist who exists...therefore he creates.

Naugler, Bradford
Folk artist from Camperdown, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.

Naugler, Leo
Folk artist from Camperdown, Nova Scotia.

Naugler, Ransford
Folk artist from Camperdown, Nova Scotia.

Norris, Joseph
Folk artist from Lower Prospect, Nova Scotia.

Rector, Stanley
Folk artist from Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.

Roach, William
William worked as a truck driver, press operator, fork lift operator and manager of a dry-cleaning store. He began carving as a hobby in the mid 1970's. He carves a variety of subjects including roosters, animals, fish and people.

Rector, Tom
Folk artist from Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.

Sleep, Joe
Folk artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Stephens, David
David started painting in 1985 and has been at it full time in 1992. He has since become one of Nova Scotia's most popular folk artists. His funky art has touched the hearts of many. David is presently represented by the Zwicker Gallery in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Tanner, Charlie
Folk artist from Eagle's Head, Nova Scotia.

Zwicker, James
Folk artist from Camperdown, Italy Cross, Nova Scotia.